In early 2014 we came together to build Appcessible.org, a database of useful mobile and tablet apps. Specifically, apps that are designed to help users with additional needs. Whether it’s an app to find the nearest disability friendly toilet or offer support around challenging behaviour, we want to list it.

Currently, we’re listing iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android (phone & tablet) apps but we do plan to integrate more as time goes on. We’ve already got a huge list of things we want to build into the site and we want you to help us make this list bigger. If you’ve got any feedback at all, good or bad, please let us know.

There’s no charge for using Appcessible and we include both free and paid apps.

If you get stuck, just visit our help site, where you’ll find help and advice, along with support for your mobile devices. We’ll be adding articles here as and when we write them. You can visit our help website here – this will open in a new window.

We hope you enjoy the site!