Qwerty6 Keyboard

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Developer URL: http://www.qwertyxkeyboard.com/


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Qwerty6 Keyboard (Q6KB) is the familiar qwerty keyboard with a twist. It puts all the letters in the familiar qwerty order, but it has just 15 big letter keys. Each key tells you how to type its letters:

– To type the large letter, touch the key.
– To type the upper letter, swipe up.
– To type the lower letter, swipe down.

It’s a little easier to touch than to swipe, so the designer took the letter frequency of the English alphabet into account when deciding which letters you type by touching & which you swipe. Look at the QEW key. We use E 5 times more often than W & 130 times more often than Q, so E became the touch letter. With the help of 10 digits & a few punctuation marks to stretch things out, 15 of the 16 most-used letters became touch letters. So you touch 88% of the time & swipe only 12%.

Rotate your phone to landscape for a password keyboard. You can now enter all letters, numbers & symbols on a desktop keyboard without having to switch to a number/symbol keyboard.


The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox